IGG tours oil and gas projects

The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Hon. Betti Olive Namisango Kamya, recently toured the oil and gas operational areas in Uganda. The field visit was coordinated by the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU). During the visit, the IGG expressed her admiration for the level of monitoring and regulation that PAU has implemented in the sector. […]

The marvel of Uganda’s silent walking rigs

The unnecessary noise by self-appointed neo-colonial agents disguised as environmental activists will not deter us from developing our God-given resources that will spur the region out of energy poverty and reduce the pressure on our natural green cover as a source of energy. It should also not deter us from cherishing the cutting-edge technologies and […]

Opinion: The Progress of Uganda’s Oil and Gas Industry

After experiencing numerous setbacks such as tax disputes, local content regulations, and environment-related protests, the Ugandan oil and gas project has finally started in full swing. The Association of service providers in the sector has shifted its focus from non-involvement in the sector to the implementation of awarded contracts. Thanks to the efforts of the […]

Katikkiro Mayiga hails Uganda’s progress in Petroleum Development

Buganda’s Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga, concluded a fruitful 3-day field visit to Uganda’s oil and gas operational areas on July 19, 2023, expressing his satisfaction with the country’s development of its petroleum resources. During his visit, he emphasized the importance of equitable distribution of the oil proceeds and highlighted the need for prioritizing the […]

PAU response to Human Rights Watch report on the oil sector

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) has received a copy of the report released today by Human Rights Watch (HRW) titled “Our Trust is Broken: Loss of Land and Livelihoods for Oil Development in Uganda”. This report is biased and follows the pattern of similar attempts to discredit Uganda’s  national petroleum program on grounds that […]

PAU, oil companies launch annual world environment day celebrations focusing on the oil and gas sector

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda,(PAU) together with the licensed Oil Companies operating in Uganda have launched the annual World Environment Day(WED) celebrations focusing on environment safeguards for the Oil and Gas(O&G) sector. Beat Plastic Pollution, the theme for the celebrations was synced with the one for the international WED celebrations held on 5th June 2023. […]