The PAU is responsible for ensuring that the profitability of the projects is maintained, and that the Government take from the sector is secure. The PAU promotes and maintains an efficient cost environment and undertakes economic analysis for the oil and gas projects. Key activities under this include:

1. Building economic and financial analysis tools. These have enabled analysis that guided negotiations on the Final Investment Decision (FID), the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Business Model and Refinery;

2. Improving preparations and understanding of the metering designs for proper measurement of the petroleum to be produced in the country;

3. Enabling cost efficient operations. This has resulted in close to US$150million savings for Uganda through budget optimisations, US$21million savings made through procurement process optimisations, and development project cost estimate deductions close to US$2.3billion. In addition, the country expects to save US$215million through cost recovery audits; and,

4. Creating awareness on opportunities in harnessing sectoral linkages through the conferences held for health, agriculture and engineering. Optimal exploitation of the sectoral linkages is expected to raise close to US$12billion during the development phase.