• Carries out the functions of the PAU as provided for by the Petroleum (Exploration,

Development and Production) Act, 2013; Sections 10 (1) and (2)

  • Contributes to the PAU’s Strategic Pillar number three (3) of Facilitating commercialization of the discovered oil and gas resources.
  • The deliverables from the Directorate of Development and Production are achieved through the following:


Core roles

  1. a) Monitor and regulate petroleum activities including reserve estimation and measurement of the produced oil and gas
  2. b) Assess field development plans and make recommendations to the Minister for approval, amendment or rejection of the plans
  3. c) Assess tail-end production and cessation of petroleum activities and decommissioning
  4. d) Ensure optimal levels of recovery of petroleum resources
  5. e) Participate in the measurement of petroleum to allow for estimation and assessment of royalty and profit oil or gas due to the State and be responsible for the approval of the exercise
  6. f) Ensure optimal utilisation of existing and planned facilities
  7. g) Promote well planned, executed and cost-efficient operations


Support roles

  1. a) Administer petroleum agreements
  2. b) Review and approve budgets submitted by a licensee
  3. c) Ascertain the cost oil or gas due to licensees


The Directorate has two corporate goals:

1) Efficient resource management

Under this goal, the Directorate’s strategic objectives are:

  1. a) To ensure GOU achieves its full share of production
  2. b) To ensure optimal Resource Recovery
  3. c) To ensure robust reporting on operations and production figures

2) Efficiency and innovation

Under this goal, the Directorate’s strategic objectives are:

  1. a) To ensure efficient evaluation of technical reports and other documents submitted by licensees
  2. b) To ensure efficient processing of required technical approvals for operators
  3. c) To ensure efficient hardware and software usage
  4. d) To develop an efficient monitoring of field operations
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  1. The functions and objectives of the Directorate of Development and Production
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