Guidelines For The Registration On The National Supplier Database For Uganda’s Oil And Gas Sector

The National Supplier Database for the Oil and Gas Sector in Uganda

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda has developed a National Supplier Database (NSD), a register of entities and persons with interest to provide goods, works and services to the oil and gas sector in Uganda. The NSD registration process will remain open throughout the year and  will be in line with these guidelines.

Registration Calendar

The following timelines shall apply:

  1. The Authority shall publish the list of entities and persons to provide goods, works and services for oil and gas activities in the National Supplier Database from time to time as the Authority may determine. The NSD can be accessed via the PAU website: https://pau.go.ugand follow the link under NATIONAL CONTENT  to apply and register.
  2. Upon submission of the application, the verification of the submitted information shall be done within two months, after which the successful person or entity will appear on the NSD.
  3. An entity or person shall remain on the NSD for three years from the date of their qualification after which they will be required to re-apply to stay on the register. The Authority shall develop and communicate the re-application process.
  4. Entities and persons already existing on the NSD will be required to visit the NSD and update their profiles (where necessary), on an annual basis.

Qualification on the NSD will be based on the following criteria: –

1. Proof of legal status and name: submission of an authentic and valid Certificate of Incorporation and/or registration.

2.Submission of authentic, valid and up to date information on the shareholding and management of the company or entity.

3.Good market conduct, for example, there should be no reported cases of blacklisting of the company or entity or person applying for registration.

 4. Good liquidity status.

5. Proof of compliance with tax and social security requirements.

6. Valid banker’s reference letter.

7. Proof of nationality, tax registration, expertise and a report of good conduct by the Police for applications of the natural persons.

8. All documents submitted should be in English or where necessary translated to English.


1.Verification will be done within two months from the date of submission of an application and it will involve verification of the information submitted with different government agencies including the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Police etc for Ugandan entities and citizens.

2.For foreign registered entities, all application documents listed in 3 above, including the Certificate of incorporation or registration, Tax Clearance Certificate or equivalent, proof of compliance with Social Security requirements in the country of registration or incorporation and the information on shareholding/ directors of the Entity will be required to benotarized by the notary in the applicant’s country of registration or incorporation and then attested to by either the mission of the applicant’s country of registration/incorporation accredited to Uganda or by Uganda’s mission accredited to the applicant’s country of registration/incorporation, before submission to the Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

3.In addition, verification will be undertaken through professional bodies for all entities and persons, especially individuals who belong to established bodies including Certified Accountants, Engineers and Lawyers among others.

Application Procedure.

The PAU will ONLY consider online applications submitted through the Authority’s website. Interested persons and entities are invited to visit the PAU website: and follow the link under NATIONAL CONTENT  to apply and register.


1.Read carefully and follow all instructions. Please respond to each question clearly and completely IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

2.The online form must be completed by all applicants seeking business opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Uganda.

3.The online form must be duly completed and submitted by an authorized officer of the applying entity or natural person.

4.Where the information required is not applicable to your entity or person, clearly insert N/A in the space provided.

5.Applicants MUST comply with the qualification requirements for the application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will result in non-qualification. Refer to the table below for the Entity types and Sub types

Entity Type

Entity Sub-type


Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

In case of a private company

·        Limited by Shares

·        Limited by Guarantee


General Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership

Sole Proprietorship


Other Entity


Clubs, Society or Associations



Government Body

Natural Person


6.Upon successful submission of the application, an acknowledgment email will be sent to the email provided by the applicant. If you do not receive the acknowledgement notice within 12 hours after submission, please contact the PAU on the email below, otherwise your application will not have been received and you will therefore not be considered as an applicant.

7.The duly filled application form together with the required attachments should be submitted on the registration portal.

8.Only applicants who have qualified will be published in the National Suppliers Database.

9.Registration on the NSD is done FREE of charge.

10.The registration on the NSD does not waive the requirements for the qualified entity or person to participate in the tendering processes for the provision of goods, works and services in the oil and gas industry and is not a guarantee for award of any contract.

11.Any inquiries regarding this registration can be sent to the following contact;

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda
Petroleum House(Block A) Plot 21-29 Johnston Road 

P.O.BOX 833 Entebbe, Uganda

Tel: +256 414 320780, +256 414 320423/4

Twitter:     @PAU_Uganda
Facebook: Petroleum Authority of Uganda

 The Petroleum Authority of Uganda will not be responsible for any actions undertaken or activities transacted outside the above mentioned contact details and anyone who deals with issues of NSD outside this contact address does so at their own risk.