The Petroleum of Uganda (PAU)’s mission is to regulate and monitor the Petroleum sector in Uganda in order to create lasting value for Ugandans and to contribute to Uganda being a sound investment destination. Since the inauguration of the first Board of Directors in October 2015, the Authority has grown to 160 staff out of the planned 283 staff.


To be a Leading Petroleum Regulatory Agency.


To regulate and monitor the petroleum sector in order to create lasting value for society and contribute to Uganda being a sound investment destination


  • Professionalism; Acting the PAU way
  • Responsibility to Society; Serving the PAU way
  • Integrity and ethics; Acting the PAU way
  • Mutual respect and trust; Trusting the PAU way
  • Excellence in execution; Working the PAU way


The PAU’s Strategic Plan (2020/2021 to 2024/2025) is based on the following four pillars:

  1. Institutional building.
  2. Efficient Resource Management
  3. Facilitate commercialization of the discovered oil and gas resources; and
  4. Enhancing the impact and sustainability of the Petroleum sector.


The key aspects of regulating the oil and gas sector in Uganda include:

  1. Efficient management of the petroleum resources
  2. Ensuring Environment, Health, Safety and Social Protection during Petroleum and it’s related activities
  3. Monitoring of operations to ensure cost efficiency and that the project are economically feasible
  4. Management of the country’s Petroleum, and other related data; and
  5. Growing the participation of Ugandans in the sector
  6. Institutionalize a multi-media stakeholder engagement strategy

The PAU is committed to ensuring that the regulatory environment for the sector supports the achievement of sustainable development of Uganda’s oil and gas resources, and enables competitive return on investment for the private sector partners who are participating in the sector.

The Petroleum Authority appreciates all its partners and stakeholders who continue to support the Authority in attaining its vision of becoming “A leading Petroleum Regulatory Agency.”


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The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) is a statutory body established under Section...