Welcome to the 2019 National Oil and Gas Talent Register (NOGTR).

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda has developed a National Oil and Gas Talent Register to capture all talent that can potentially work in the oil and gas sector as required by law. The NOGTR is a register classified into the demand and supply side users. The demand side users consist of companies/government agencies which meet the eligibility criteria seeking to recruit human resource across projects in the oil and gas sector and redeployment of the same to other sectors. On the other hand, the supply side users include individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for the workforce demands of the oil and gas and are likely to be recruited by the demand side users. The NOGTR registration process shall be maintained annually for both the demand and supply side users and the 2019 process will be in line with these guidelines. Applicants are encouraged to visit our website and read the submission guidelines carefully before registering.

  1. Annual Registration Calendar

 The Authority shall publish the list of entities and persons willing to provide and supply labour force in the oil and gas sector every 31st December of the applicable year. To achieve this process the following timelines shall apply.

  1. a) Demand side use
  2. The window for registration shall open on the 1st February 2019 and remain open throughout the year.
  3. The demand side users shall post all available job openings in the Oil and Gas Sector on the window provided for this purpose by PAU in addition to other channels of advertising that they may opt to use to give wider publicity as required by different guidelines.
  4. The demand side users shall have access to the window for purposes of identifying and offering employment to any person from the supply side users who meets their job description. A considered supply side user shall be contacted and notified of the offer.
  5. Priority shall be given to potential applicants registered on the NOGTR.
  6. The demand side users are encouraged to verify documents uploaded on the window with the awarding institutions before relying upon them to award jobs.
  7. The Authority shall publish the list of the demand side users that have qualified to the system every 31st December of the applicable year.
  8. The list shall be updated three times; on 31st March 2019, 30th June 2019 and 31st August 2019 in line with the National Suppliers Database.
  9. The demand side user shall remain on the NOGTR automatically when they reapply on the NSD unless if they no longer meet the criteria.
  10. b) Supplier Side Users
  11. The window for registration shall open on the 1st February 2019 and remain open throughout the year
  12. The supplier side users shall upload their profile, bio data, educational, work experience and all that that demonstrates their competence for employment in the Oil and Gas sector.
  13. The supplier side users are encouraged to always visit the window provided by PAU on which the demand side users post all available job openings in the Oil and Gas Sector and place their applications for jobs for which they meet the criteria set.
  14. Supplier side users are encouraged to update their profiles every time it is deemed necessary.
  15. A list of the registered supplier side users shall be generated and published every 31st December, of the applicable year.

To be able to appear on the list, the supplier side user must have registered at least a month before the due date. 2. Qualification Criteria. Qualification on the NSD will be on the following criteria: –

  1. a) Demand Side Users
  2. Demand Side Users who would have been registered on the NSD will automatically qualify on the NOGTR after expressing their interest to the Authority. However, the International Oil Companies and their contractors /subcontractors including all recruiting agencies on the NSD will mandatory be qualified on the NOGTR.
  3. The demand users shall be required to nominate personnel and submit to the Authority from their company/entity who will manage the system on their behalf. Further instructions will be given to the selected personnel.
  4. Good market conduct, for example, there should be no reported cases of black listing of the company or entity or person applying for registration.
  5. Comply with all labor laws and maintain a healthy working environment for its employees.
  6. Make an undertaking to ensure fairness in its recruitment process and be ready and willing to employ suitable candidates registered on the NOGTR
  7. Not use information obtained from NOGTR for any other use other than soliciting for and considering eligible candidates for advertised posts in its entity.
  8. Government entities qualify as a given
  9. b) Supplier Side Users
  10. The supplier side user should upload only certified documents and should be submitted in the required size of uploads as indicated on the system.
  11. The Authority or a demand side user may verify the documents and information provided for authenticity. Submission of unauthenticated, forged, false documents and making false statements will lead to de-registration and prosecution.
  12. The demand side users may contact a supplier side user whom they deem qualifies for the job offer and shall request the supplier side user to apply for the job.
  13. The demand side user has the rights to verify every document submitted before awarding a job to the supplier side user.
  14. All documents submitted should be in English or where necessary translated to English.
  15. The Authority shall notify the applicant if they have successfully been registered on the NOGTR.


  1. Application Procedure.

The PAU will ONLY consider online applications submitted through the Authority’s website. Demand side users and supply side users Interested are invited to visit the PAU website: and follow the link under NATIONAL CONTENT to register.

  1. Application Registration Timelines

The window for application/registration for the NOGTR 2019 shall be open throughout the year starting 1st February 2019.To consider both the demand users and supply users on the annual published list, they should have registered by 30th November at 11:59pm of the applicable year. The window of the supplier side users be updated three times; on 31stMarch 2019, 30th June 2019 and 31st August 2019 in line with the updating timelines of the National Suppliers Database.

  1. Instructions Read carefully and follow all instructions.

Please answer each question clearly and completely IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

  1. The online registration must be completed by all applicants seeking or providing employing in the oil and gas industry in Uganda.
  2. All application/registration procedures must be duly completed and submitted by both the supply end user and an authorized personnel of a particular demand side user.
  3. Where the information required is not applicable to the applicant, clearly insert N/A in the space provided.
  4. Applicants MUST comply with the qualification requirements for the application to the NOGTR to be considered complete. Incomplete applications may result in non-qualification to the system.
  5. Upon successful submission of the application/uploading of job offers, an acknowledgment email will be sent to the email provided by the demand/supply side users. If you do not receive the acknowledgement notice within 12 hours, please contact the PAU on the email below otherwise your submissions will not have been received.
  6. Registration on the NOGTR is done free of charge.
  7. Any inquiries regarding this registration can be sent to the following contact;

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda Plot 34 – 36 Lugard Avenue P.O.BOX 833 Entebbe, Uganda

Tel: +256 414 320780, +256 414 320423/4

Fax: +256 414 320459



Twitter: @PAU_Uganda


Petroleum Authority of Uganda Anyone who deals with issues of the NOGTR outside this contact address does so at their own risk. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR PETROLEUM AUTHORITY OF UGANDA


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