The PAU promotes and monitors the participation of Ugandans in the supply of goods and services to the oil and gas activities. The key aspects monitored include employment, capacity building, enterprise development, and transfer of technology. The PAU:

·               Coordinates training in oil and gas through the quarterly skills dialogue and spearheaded the establishment of the Oil and Gas Trainers Association of Uganda;

·               Provides visibility of the Ugandans who would like to work in the sector through the National Oil and Gas Talent Register;

·               Improves employment of Ugandans by the Industry players;

·               Provides visibility of Ugandan Companies through the National Supplier Data Base, published annually; and,

·      Improves the capacity of Ugandan Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through annual regional National Content conferences and supplier development engagements to disseminate information. 

·        Through the above initiatives, enabled an average of 28% retention of the value of the contracts in the country through engagement of local suppliers during the exploration phase.