The PAU works closely with the licensed entities and other Government and non-Government partners to ensure environment protection, human health and safety during oil and gas activities. This is in order to ensure that oil and gas activities do not compromise the integrity of the environment. Key activities include review of environmental audit and scoping reports, and the review of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) reports and organising the respective public hearings, for the Tilenga, Kingfisher Development Area (KFDA) and the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) projects. The PAU:

·               Enables safe oil and gas operations;

·               Enhances the capacity of relevant Government Institutions in Health, Safety and Environment management for the oil and gas sector;

·               Ensures the security of oil and gas operations through adequate coordination with Government Security Agencies;

·               Strengthens the HSE culture in the sector through routine audits and inspections of field operations;

·               Ensures environment protection in the design and construction of petroleum facilities;

·               Enhances the safety and health of the PAU staff and stakeholders in the PAU working environment; and,

·               Facilitates the acquisition of land for oil and gas infrastructure.

·               Reviews environment legislation specific to oil and gas activities.