The 1st Sectoral Linkages Conference Bulletin

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda is delighted to host the first sectoral linkages conference. The conference seeks to promote investment opportunities arising from linking the oil and gas sector to the other sectors of the economy.

Uganda Energy Transition Plan

Uganda’s Energy Transition Plan (ETP) is a strategic roadmap for the development and modernisation of Uganda’s energy sector. It charts an ambitious, yet feasible pathway to achieve universal access to modern energy and power the country’s economic transformation in a sustainable and secure way. The plan was developed by Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral […]

Uganda’s Oil Journey 2023

Uganda’s Oil Journey tells the story of the discovery of Uganda’s first oil and gas, and the developments that have happened since then until the Final Investment Decision in 2022.

The PAU Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 4 March 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE: The year 2023 closed with a flurry of activity, and the year 2024 has come with the expectation that the developments in Uganda’s oil will reach their peak. As Uganda inches closer to first oil (commercial production), it is important to take stock of the progress made, but also continuously ensure that the […]

The 4th Annual National Content Conference Bulletin

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda and the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum have organised the 4th Annual National Content Conference to discuss opportunities available during the post Final Investment Decision (FID) period for Uganda’s Oil and Gas sector. A bulletin highlighting national content gains has been compiled for your reference. Enjoy your reading

The Pau Newsletter V.2, Issue 2 – September 2023

Editor’s Note: Undeniable, and Sustainable Value in Uganda’s Oil Journey Creating lasting value is an important theme that cuts across all phases of Uganda’s oil and gas sector.  This is coming to life as progress is registered in development of the flagship projects in the sector, hence ensuring alignment to the global Sustainable Development Goals […]

The Uganda Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative report 2020/2021

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a global Standard to promote the open and accountable management of natural resources. EITI is currently being implemented in 57 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Uganda was admitted to the EITI in August 2020.The basis of Uganda’s admission was the submission of a candidacy application, […]

Oil and Gas Brochure Uganda 2023

Uganda’s Oil and Gas (O&G) sector has transitioned from having only exploration, to new exploration and preparation of the discovered oil fields for production (development). The developments also include putting in place infrastructure for both commercialization of the discovered 6.5 billion barrels of Oil and Gas developments in the sector. The Final Investment Decision( FID) […]