The National Content Report 2019

The Upstream and Midstream National Content Regulations 2016 require the Petroleum Authority of Uganda to supervise, coordinate and monitor the development of National Content in the sector. This report documents the National Content activities undertaken during the year 2019 and is based on activities undertaken by the PAU, Licensees, the Private Sector and Development Partners.

The List of Companies that supplied the oil and gas sector-2017-2019

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda has published a list of indigenous Ugandan companies that supplied goods and services for the oil and gas sector from 2017-2019. The list does not replace the National Supplier Database but shows the different categories of services offered during the period and will cumulatively be updated annually. The following are […]

The Oil and Gas Sector in Uganda, Brochure 2019

Uganda’s Oil and Gas sector has transitioned from having only exploration, to new exploration, preparation of the discovered oil fields for production (development) and putting in place infrastructure for both commercialisation of the discovered 6 billion barrels oil and gas resources, and facilitating the developments in the sector. Read More

Brief Profile of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, December 2018

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) is a statutory body established under Section 9 of the Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) Act 2013, and in line with the National Oil and Gas Policy for Uganda which was approved in 2008. The mandate of the PAU is to monitor and regulate the exploration, development and production, […]

The PAU Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2020

In this inaugural edition, we explore several issues that coincide with current status of the oil and gas sector in Uganda and the globe. Negotiations between Government and the oil companies, though sometimes protracted, are the norm; find out why they are necessary. The end goal is to ensure the sector creates lasting value. The […]