The functions and objectives of the Directorate of Finance and Administration The Directorate of Finance and Administration’s roles are primarily anchored on Strategic Pillar One (1) of the PAU’s strategic plan, which is Institutional Building. Below are the key functions with the respective objectives:
  1. Financial Accounting – Financial management system fully comply with the financial management framework in Uganda Under this goal, the Directorate’s strategic objectives are: a) To develop and implement Financial Management policies and procedures fully comply with the relevant laws and accounting standards b) To ensure automation of the financial management process for efficiency c) To ensure Finance of the Authority is managed by qualified professional accountant
  2.  Certainty of availability of funds to the Authority a) To ensure the Authority is self-accounting as provided for in the law b) To engage all relevant decision makers on funding for the authority during the budgeting process while seeking appropriation of funds from government c) To cost all activities with adequate contingency built in the costing process
  3. Strategic Management Accounting – Financial resources allocated according to priority of the Authority a) To ensure effective budget allocation of available financial resources b) To provide sound financial planning, advice and analysis to support informed decision making
  4. Attract and retain competent staff a) To ensure effective management of Human Capital b) To ensure talent sourcing c) To ensure staff placements d) To ensure employee value proposition
  5. Develop PAU Human Resource a) To ensure competence development b) To ensure continuous professional development programmes c) To develop and implement Leadership Development programmes
  6. Performance Management a) To ensure staff adhere to the PAU Code of conduct b) To ensure staff adhere to the PAU client service standards c) To ensure staff productivity
  7. Effective Procurement to support the PAU activities a) To ensure full compliance with PPDA Act and Regulations b) To ensure value for money in Procurement c) To ensure effective Contract Management
  8. Administration, Estates and Transport a) To ensure effective administration services b) To develop and implement effective estates management c) To develop and implement effective transport management
  9. Digital Document Management System a) To define standard document management process throughout PAU b) To ensure effective security of administrative records c) To ensure effective storage of administrative records
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