KAMPALA – Monday, June 24th, 2024: An article titled “Fight over Total’s $4b oil works inside Murchison National Park,” published in the Daily Monitor on Friday, June 21, 2024 has been brought to the attention of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU). The article suggests that there is a stand-off between the Regulator – PAU and one of the licensed oil companies, TotalEnergies EP Uganda (TEPU).

The PAU is responsible for monitoring and regulating activities of licensed oil companies operating in Uganda. In fulfilment of this mandate, the Authority undertakes different activities and measures, including reviewing and approving work plans submitted by these companies.  This undertaking is with a view to ensure compliance with the country’s legislation, agreements between Government and the licensees, and with project specific frameworks like Field Development Plans and Environmental and Social Impact Management Plans.

The Authority implements its work through, among other things, discussing with the licensees, the technical, environmental, economic, and social aspects of their plans. The recent considerations about deploying one of the four rigs, currently drilling for oil in the country, in the Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) are in line with the discussions referred to above and are standard practice in regulating oil and gas operations worldwide.

Alignment with TEPU on this matter was achieved by agreeing to undertake the necessary studies to determine the best way forward.  These studies, which are now ongoing, are being undertaken with the objective of continuing to implement the Tilenga project in a timely, cost efficient and sustainable manner. It is important to note that preparations for the production of oil at the country’s Kingfisher and Tilenga projects are continuing as planned.  The preparations include the drilling of production wells, by all the four rigs currently in the country, together with the construction of the central processing facilities for the two projects along with the other support infrastructure.

Mr Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of PAU, states: “The priority of the PAU remains ensuring efficient and sustainable development of Uganda’s oil and gas resources, in accordance with the legislation and the approved frameworks, while preserving the ecological integrity of protected areas such as the Murchison Falls National Park.”

For more information, please contact:

Didas Muhumuza,
Ag. Manager Corporate Affairs
Email: corporateaffairs@pau.go.ug