The Directorate of Legal and Corporate Affairs is responsible for:

  • Representing the Authority in Courts of Law
  • Ensuring that all decisions made by the Authority are legally grounded as well as providing preventive and proactive legal counsel to the Authority
  • Providing the necessary support in the coordination of Policy and Board affairs and for the Authority’s Corporate Affairs
  • Being the custodian of the PAU brand, Corporate Image and Stakeholder


The Directorate provides support across all Four Pillars but it’s key roles area primarily anchored on Strategic Pillars One (1) and Four (4) of the PAU’s strategic plan, which is Institutional Building and Enhancing the Impact and Sustainability of the Sector.

Below are the key functions with the respective objectives:

The Directorate has four corporate goals:

1) Establish a fully functioning institution with efficient structures, systems and procedures

Under this goal, the Directorate’s strategic objectives are:

  1. a) To develop internal procedures, policies, guidelines and process manuals in accordance with Uganda’s legislation and international best practice
  2. b) To institutionalise a comprehensive mechanism for management of legal and corporate risk
  3. c) To build an institutional brand and reputation based on excellence

2) Enforce and review the policy, legal and regulatory framework

Under this goal, the Directorate’s strategic objectives are:

  1. a) To develop and enforce PAU rules and procedures for conduct of business with the regulated entities
  2. b) To participate in the formulation and enhancement/amendment of the sector policies and laws

3) Attract, develop and retain the most competitive talent

Under this goal, the Directorate’s strategic objective is:

  1. a) To establish and embed the PAU corporate culture

4) Institutionalise multi-stakeholder management

Under this goal, the Directorate’s strategic objectives are:

  1. a) To carry out comprehensive stakeholder mapping and roll out a well-coordinated ‘share value’ plan
  2. b) To design and execute a multi-media communication plan for the respective stakeholders
  3. c) To raise profile and visibility of institutional reputation
  4. d) To harness productive synergies of Public-Private and Civil Society Partnerships
  5. e) To develop long term strategic partnerships with educational institutions and international regulators
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The functions and objectives of the Directorate of Legal and Corporate Affairs
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