Culture and oil and gas activities co-exist for social and economic transformation

By Grace Kenganzi The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) joins Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the coronation of His Royal Majesty Dr Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I, the Omukama. The Authority recognises the importance of preserving culture as an avenue for social economic transformation. Culture is therefore a key aspect taken into consideration […]

ED – PAU Commends SLB for fostering women’s advancement in science and technology

Mr Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, has commended SLB (formerly known as Schlumberger) for its efforts in advancing women in Science and Technology. This commendation came during a meeting with Mr Wallace Pescarini, the President of SLB Offshore Atlantic Basin, held at Petroleum House in Entebbe. Mr Pescarini, currently […]

Leading the way: PAU’s Pioneering role in advancing gender equality in the oil and gas industry

Uganda’s oil and gas projects are contributing to enhancing the lives of communities through livelihood improvement projects that target women, empowering them with skills in agriculture and different vocations. This is part of the people-centred approach to development of the projects. The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) is ensuring that Ugandans are empowered to equitably […]

Final Refinery Funding Negotiations Announced Among Other Positive Developments in Uganda’s Oil and Gas Sector

Final negotiations for the financing and construction of Uganda’s USD 4 billion domestic refinery began this month after Alpha MBM Investments from the United Arab Emirates was chosen by the government of Uganda as preferred bidder Minister Nankabirwa also announced infrastructure at the Kingfisher Development Area, one of the two major production areas already licensed, […]

COP28: Not yet Uhuru

The curtains have fallen on COP28 Climate Summit, leaving in its wake a mixed bag of accomplishments and unmet aspirations. Over two weeks of intense negotiations in Dubai, representatives from nearly 200 nations converged, culminating in an agreement heralding a pivotal step toward a fair, orderly and equitable energy transition based on science. Uganda was […]

Details Revealed of World’s Longest Heated Crude Oil Pipeline Using Hi-Tech Satellite Technology to Minimise Environmental Damage Threat

Details of what will be the world’s longest heated crude oil pipeline, carrying oil from Uganda to the Indian Ocean coast of Tanzania, have been revealed showing how a cocoon of electrical and fibre-optic cables along its entire 1,443 km length will provide heat and real-time satellite surveillance to prevent leaks. The East Africa Crude […]