Africa should be energy independent

By 2050, Africa’s population is projected to grow to 2.5 billion people, which will be close to 25% of the world’s population, which is expected to grow to about 9.5 billion. Africa will impact every aspect of life in the world, especially trade and industry given that majority of the 54 African states will have […]

Uganda’s Refinery: The case for a Complex/Conventional Versus the Modular Refining Technology

In an article ‘Rethink Oil Refinery Perspective – Modular Refining Technology’ published on Tuesday 30th August, 2022,  Mr. Sam Ahamya Butsya alludes to the fact that the silver lining for Uganda’s refinery dream is the modular refining technology option rather than the conventional/complex refinery. In planning for the development of the refinery in the country, […]

Uganda’s Oil and Gas Projects: The Value at Stake

By Peninah Aheebwa: The East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline project (EACOP), which is meeting resistance from opponents of Uganda’s development, is one of the projects Uganda has planned to monetize its oil and gas assets, which are currently valued at US$ 116 billion (gross). These assets are certainly among the country’s biggest economic assets in […]

The weakness in the fight against Climate Change

By  Felix Bob Ocitti Climate change is a global problem facing the human race from every part of the world without exception. This is due to human activity that has increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, particularly Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration resulting in a warmed-up atmosphere, ocean, and land. According to a 2021 scientific report by […]

Design of the EACOP Integrates Adequate Environmental Protection and Safety Measures

By Dozith Abeinomugisha & Naboth Mugyerwa Pipelines are widely used for bulk transportation of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) because they are safe, environmentally friendly, require the least energy, have the lowest maintenance costs, have less impacts on land-take, have negligible loss of commodity in transit and are highly reliable, compared to trucking. Uganda discovered commercial […]

Opposition against EACOP based on untruths, spin, not facts

BY ALI SSEKATAWA  (PART 1) A section of local and international environmental “activists” have mounted a virulent campaign, disguised as opposition, against the proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). This blitz is seemingly coordinated by the “green movement” albeit based on distortions, spin, and half-truths. By extension, they hope to stop Uganda from developing […]